Term Paper Ideas: Sociology

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Term Paper Ideas: Sociology

  • A Discussion of the Phenomenon of Single-Mother Families in terms of Social Policy History and Modern Realities.

This paper will research the issue of single-mother families from both internal and external perspectives. Research into the internal dynamics of these social units will be situated in context with the function and deficits of such units within society as a while. The research will be a dissertation helps for students and claim to be investigated is that single-mother families are - in economic terms - harmful to both parent and children. In terms of quality of home environment in single-mother households, it will be seen that it is impossible to make general statements in this regard given the large number of variables that may be seen to affect the outcome.

  • A Distinctive Family Lifestyle

The family is the basis of all other social forms, according to Bridgette Berger; the basis of everything a person comes to accept as normal. As such, each family has a distinctive lifestyle that teaches children everything from how they express feelings about love, how they feel about religion, and whether they can accept living alone or not. How an individual turns out depends upon how he or she was raised.
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  • A Doll's House: A Sociological Perspective

This paper examines A Doll's House from a sociological perspective. The author notes that Henrik Ibsen’s famous story offers many insights into how people interact, what motivates them, and why human relationships develop or crumble. From a sociological perspective, Ibsen’s stories revealed the social instincts, gender roles, and pressures which influence human behavior. A Doll’s House was one of his most fascinating stories, not only because of its bold commentary concerning deviance in marriage but because of its dramatic social themes.
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  • A Future Trend of Crisis Intervention as Part of the Human Services Delivery System.

This paper examines the emergence of crisis intervention teams as a division of human services. The emphasis of this paper is that crisis intervention is a recent phenomenon brought on through a shift in awareness to the psychological and emotional impacts of a crisis on the person.

  • A Gender Role and Psychological Debate Against Rousseau’s on Marriage

This paper will examine the nature of a gender role and psychological debate against “Rousseau’s on Marriage”. By revealing how men and women function in today's society, we can refute the sexist and marginalizing views that Rousseau places upon women in his time. By realizing Rousseau's 'naturalism' as an argument, we can see a weak and unformulated opinion refuted through modern psychology.

  • A General Description of the Term Sociology of Sports.

This paper describes and defines the extremely broad term "sociology of sports" in terms of the impact of sporting events on the human psychology, philosophy, and culture. This is a very general paper and due to the scope only limited conditions are noted.
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