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But The Secret of Kells tells a greater, truer story than many people on this side of the Atlantic realize. A remarkable example of substance over style, the Blu-ray edition's humble filmmakers commentary, extensive director's documentary and solid production goodies are informative and satisfying, and immediately sent me back for another helping of the film itself. The animation is the real star. Aisling and the other mythological beings, iconography and supernatural elements that populate the film? This film is breathtaking and thebuzz amongst our colleagues in recommending this film is spreading likewildfire. It doesn'tgive a lot of information nor does it allude to the significance of thebook. Its animation, craftsmanship, story, historical and mythological overtones, rousing Celtic score, voice performances and characters are unforgettable.

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Muchlike the opening frames of Disney's The Sword in the Stone. If you have any doubts about legality of content or you have another suspicions, feel free to. The onlyway to get them is to venture outside the walls and into the forest, anarea off limits to Brendan. Motion is fluid, expressions are mesmerizing, simplistic shapes are used to amazing effect, perspective and dimension is continually challenged, and character development, plot, emotions and visual flair become one. The Abbey of Kells, a defensive fort where the book was created and eventually housed for centuries. He is working on the final pages. A fairy sings a haunting song of old as she transforms a helpful cat into a boundless wisp of smoke.

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Don't just crack the booklet, glimpse at the art and toss it aside. The general design of the pictures is also a lot more geometrical, with characters who are basically rectangles or ovals. Hij heeft slechts nog één doel voor ogen: zelf meester illustrator worden en het waardevolle boek van Kells afwerken. As the foreign marauders draw closer and closer to the monastery, Brendan befriends Aisling, discovers a malevolent entity called Crom Cruach deep within the forest and is forced to choose between his uncle's practicality or grander pursuits: to follow in the footsteps of Aidan, claim his birthright and help complete the mysterious Book of Kells. Brendan is the main character, a young boy who is adventurous like any other his age however has to face some of his fears to help finish a book. Download
I watched this without expecting much, but after watching it once I ended up wanting to watch it several times again. On the whole, I think this will appeal to older teens and adults morethan children, as it's a quite serious story, and pretty violent insome places. A newcomer to Kells, Brother Aiden, inspires Brendan to take up illustrating. My main complaint about this film is that it was too short! Try to catch this quiet gem of a film. Reviewed by , October 9, file 2010 I was not prepared for The Secret of Kells. We are reminded of it's importance but never fully understand. Brendon's uncle Abbot Cellach is more obsessed with building a wall against invading northmen.

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I didn't know that this book actually exists, but knowing itnow makes my interpretation and analysis much a lot easier. It is breathtaking to behold onthe big screen. Armed with a knowledge of the history behind the story and an understanding of the film's foremost message, it works, and works quite well. The runtime of The Secret of Kells is 75 minutes 01 hours 15 minutes. To help complete the magical book, Brendan has to overcome his deepest fears on a dangerous quest that takes him into the enchanted forest where mythical creatures hide.

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This film ranks as an instant classic and a superb achievement in themedium of animation. There is incredibledetail in the artwork, all of it an homage to illumination. He is apprenticed to monks illuminating books. It's not all sunshine and roses here. That said, it is a very worthwhile watch.

All drawn from Irish folklore and legend. Overall, this movie was amazing and I look forward to more of Moore. The Abbot is a lovingguardian, but perhaps a bit too strict and much more concerned withfortifying the wall around the town from a coming attack by vikingsthan he is at nurturing the boy's imagination. Brendan and the Secret of Kells 2009 Brendan and the Secret of Kells : Young Brendan lives in a remote medieval outpost under siege from barbarian raids. Some people found the story slow, but I was definitely more impatient with the tired and predictable plot of Toy Story 3. Lived and died within its walls.

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Overall, whilelacking a tad in the story, it is a visually and musically rewardinganimated film. What makes this film great is its use of color, simply some of the most outrageous and startling use of colors I've ever seen. However, I do not think it isperfect, the story has a lovely idea and starts off very well, howeverthere are parts that could have been less detached and done with moredevelopment, and it could have done with less of a politically correctnote I wouldn't have minded if it was there, it just got a tadheavy-handed. Understanding that The Secret of Kells isn't just a cute cartoon, a baseless fairy tale or simple fluff is essential to digging beneath its amazing visuals. The scenery alternates between what seems to be illuminated water colorto illuminated manuscript illustration. The characters are likable with good personalities and thevoice work especially from Brendan Gleeson is excellent. It was very well executed though so you kind of have it explained without to much exposition.

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There are things worse than Vikings out there. She warns him of the looming danger in the dark and not tofoil with it. The Book of Kells isn't myth, it's one Ireland's most important national treasures. Even divorced from reality, even told as a simple fairy tale, Kells breathes more magic, more heart, more spirit and more inspiration into a single scene than the vast majority of animated films cram into ninety minutes. I would recommendlooking up briefly the Book of Kells just to get an idea of what myselfand this film are talking about. Likewise, rear speaker activity is both playful and aggressive, immersing the listener in every rustling canopy, terrifying cave, cramped tower and inviting abode Brendan encounters.