Professional sanitation services in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi with modern technology, international standard


The cleaning service of AGES Delight Vietnam brings quality to international standards. Because a part of CENTURY Group current major home market in Japan, YEARS ON END Delight Vietnam can be considered as a "big man" in the field of hygiene when arriving to Vietnam.

Together with the desire to provide customers with optimal solutions, as well as contribute to creating fitness environment values, YEARS ON END Delight Vietnam provides useful, quality sanitation services with numerous employees. Trainees are trained according to Western professional documentation.

In Vietnam, AEON Delight Vietnam is headquartered in Ho Chihuahua Minh City and a branch in Hanoi. By present, our Building Washing Service offers a variety of different types, suited to the needs of each customer and structure.
Professional cleaning services in Ho Chi Minh Metropolis and Hanoi.

Professional cleaning services in Ho Chihuahua Minh City and Hanoi.

Reliable professional sanitation services, modern techniques of international standards.

Daily cleaning services

The daily cleaning service is thought as a clean, partial and territorial cleaning job another problem is that it can often be possible that the whole project remains in use. Activities of daily cleaning service will be repeated regularly and continually every day. Type This cleaning service seeks to ensure the space is always in the most clean and well ventilated condition, minimizing the progress of dirt and damaging bacteria.

In addition, daily cleaning services are most often found in eating areas of commercial centers, food markets, restaurants, hotels, condominiums, industrial facilities, schools and office structures. Accordingly, the cleaning personnel is in charge of cleaning up garbage, cleaning tables and chairs, floors, cleaning side washing areas, sanitation areas...

In addition, for businesses, currently in need of a dedicated sanitation personnel, an international professional cleaning service, AEON Delight Vietnam is actually in the feelings to reply.

Periodic cleaning services

AEON Delight Vietnam regular cleaning service for customers who are families in need of cleaning furniture; factories, factories, factories,... regarding to a certain period of time.

With routine cleaning service, depending on characteristics of your work or needs, you can choose to clean weekly, regular monthly or quarterly, even each year. Also depending on what to be cleaned.

When it comes to cleaning time, AEON Delight Vietnam personnel will come to market research the situation, analyze the progress, give appropriate alternatives and timely handle in the speediest time so as never to disrupt those Your other work.

Features, We will support customers to make appropriate ideas to save costs, save time but not decrease the cleanness and fastness of the Service.

Individual special cleaning services

This kind of might sound new, but AEON Delight Vietnam provides customers special cleaning services. This special will rely upon the conditions and qualities as well as your wishes.

Under specific conditions, with special characteristics, customers can make specific ideas for companies that provide cleaning services. Depending on that, we will have special options and know-how, not framework.

Having the ultimate goal is to bring absolute value to you. AEON Delight Vietnam cleaning service with very modern equipment; New, advanced sterilizing techniques can conveniently discover and clean the most difficult, smallest stains, which simply cannot be seen with the naked eye; The skillfully trained cleaning staff... will gratify the special cleanliness requirements and characteristics of the guests.

As one of the "spearhead services", cung cap ve sinh cong trinh AEON Delight Vietnam Domestic cleaning Service always brings efficiency, high quality, employees always welcomes you with a professional style. It might not exactly be the leading sterilizing service in the world but it will be the first choice to clean up the client's own world.

In order to use HCM Town Cleaning Service from CENTURY Delight Vietnam, customers can contact with the thorough address:


Floor 3A, Intan Building, Number ninety-seven Nguyen Van Troi, S. 12, Phu Nhuan Area, Ho Chi Minh Metropolis, Vietnam.
Phone: (+84 28) 3847 9707

The Hanoi branch:

2nd floor, Ages Mall Long Bien, Zero. 27 Co Linh, L. Long Bien, Long Muy bien District, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Mobile phone: (+84 24) 6272 8880