Personality Traits Of A Professional Sports Bettor

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These 4 personality traits are what separates champions from the rest of the pack. Having that psychological edge over both yourself and your competitor is the fine line between success and failure.

The team at SportChalk believe in educating the gambler/bettor to find that missing link in their profitable sports betting. I am sure many of you can relate to the feeling of coming so close to continual success in sports betting, but somehow falling off track at the critical moment. And this is where is helps to understand and come to terms with both your psychology and mentality.

Want to know why sports bettors continually lose??? Emotion.

If you want to treat sports betting as not only a business but an investment, come to terms with this simple yet illusive idea, and I can assure you that you will be that one step closer to success. You deserve this for yourself, just imagine how much more enjoyable and profitable betting would be if you could be continually successful.

Dedication – Treat your betting as a business, and watch your strike rate and profits grow. Treat is loosely and you will be no better than a 2-1 coin flip player.

Passion – Use your passion for sports wisely. We know it’s fun backing our home team, but what if the underdog shows more promise and better value. Think passionately in a financial sense.

Discipline – Recognising that you need to be stringent and find value plays and odds meticulously. Why risk 3 separate outlays on $3, when we have a higher statistical advantage on a $1.40 favourite.

Patience – Like an eagle stalking its prey. Sports betting markets present incredible opportunities to take extremely favourable staking plays. Pinpoint your opportunities and wait patiently, you will find the less you bet, the higher your chance of success.

These are 4 of the main personality traits we like to drum into our members here at SportChalk. Sports betting is all above having an edge, and taking control of that incredible opportunity presented to you. Psychology is an important tool we need to understand.

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