Maximizing Athletic Performance With Herbal Medicine


Searching for a means to improve your golf swing, knock a few seconds off the race time of yours or recover from that tennis injury that will not seem to go out? The answers just could be found in alternative medicine. Many severe athletes as well as weekend warriors have discovered that organic medicine gives them the advantage they have to boost endurance, heal from injuries and optimize performance.

For many years the world wondered exactly how Chinese athletes had such better performance in sports events. In the 1980s as well as 1990s many world records were broken along with the pro athletes found themselves being accused of steroid use despite negative drug tests. Slowly we discovered the secret: conventional herbs for energy, metabolism as well as endurance.
• Cordyceps - Reportedly the herb behind the Chinese dominance of the World Championship Games in 1993, cordyceps increases energy and endurance. It may also relax your airway, allowing you to run less energy to bring oxygen to the muscles of yours.
• Eleuthero Root - Formerly known as Siberian Ginseng, this herb is now developed stateside for Oregon, Northern California along with Washington. Eleuthero root allows the body adapt to stress as well as increases energy. Less than prepared for the marathon? Taking eleuthero root may also help avoid adrenal burnout and even help your body deal with lactic acid build up, common side effects of overexertion.
• Dong Quai - Not merely an herb for female hormone balance, dong quai helps the blood circulation system, increases the flow of oxygen and blood on the tissues and also removes metabolic waste toxins. It can also relieve swelling as well as promote healing.
• Dipsacus - Traditionally used to beef up sinews and bones, prevent future outbreaks dipsacus is especially helpful for lower back and knee pain.

Holistic treatments have very small amounts of extremely diluted things with the expectation that they will stimulate the body to cure itself. They can be taken orally as liquids or pills or even injected into the body. Widely used holistic remedies for athletes include:

• Arnica Montana - for bruises as well as sprains (e g, following a particularly brutal football tackle)
• Hypericum Perforatum - for nerve pain (e g, in case you drop a barbell on the toe of yours in the weight room)
• Rhus Toxicohedron - supports mending of connective tissue and tendons (e g, after which torn tendon following the soccer game with your teenage sons)
• Ruta Graveolens- treats strong bruises (e g, elbow pain after a lengthy tournament from the co-worker) of yours
• Symphytum Officinale - for bone support (e g, if you get hit in the eye with an errant baseball)