Importance of Liver Cleansing and Health Benefits


Liver cleansing is important to reduce all kinds of digestive disorders and preserve the body fit and healthy. Liver aliments are very typical attribute with many, which often lead to disastrous consequences. Faulty eating habits, like ingesting an excessive amount of spicy food and junk have become a part the everyday life of ours exerting excess strain on the liver. Retardation of liver capabilities is observed with wrinkles. Not many are conscious of this fact and go on taking foods that are bad leading to liver congestion. The liver needs to work more to detoxify and minimize the toxin build up.

Cause of Liver Congestion

Liver congestion is caused due to
1. Faulty eating habits
2. Overeating
3. Obesity
4. Drinking
5. Use of particular drugs
6. Abnormal secretion of growth hormones.

Importance of Liver Cleansing
Cleansing of liver means to get rid of harmful toxins from the liver or detoxify the liver ( Liver cleansing needs to be given due importance to stay healthy for longer period. Utilizing Epsom salts and grape fruit juice, liver cleansing procedure can be carefully carried out of home.
Select a specific day for liver cleansing and also have a fat less or perhaps fruit diet on that day. Strictly stay away from taking some medication on that day. Don't take any food 3-4 hours before the first course of liver cleansing. Make 4 servings blending 4 tablespoons of Epsom salt with three cups of fresh grapefruit juice. Drink the original serving in the afternoon as well as the subsequent serving after 2 hours.
Squeeze out half cup of fresh grapefruit juice and remove the pulp. Take at least half cup of the juice and squeeze in a cup of coconut oil to it. Mix it correctly & drink the mixture. Go to sleep right away.