How to Write a Resume

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The methodology on how to write a resume throughout the world remains more or less the same but there are some countries like Australia that require a CV/resume in a slightly different style. For instance, unlike all other countries, Australians want a simple resume with a very simple vocabulary and expression.

Write a Resume
The general thumb rule that is applied while applying for Australian based jobs is K.I.S or merely Keep It Simple. If you are applying for an Australian based job, you must keep this thing in mind that there will be thousands of other candidates that will be applying as well. So, it is very important to know the general pattern of applying and how to properly write a resume.

Most of the people (like EX-PATS) when applying for a job in Australia, use the same methodology from 1resumewritingservice on how to write a resume. This puts them in trouble as the Australian recruiters are not used to this differentiated CV pattern. As a result, the candidates from outside Australia don’t quite get the jobs so easily.

Tips on How to Write a Resume

This article focuses on how to write a resume in Australian style so that people don’t make the mistakes that I have made:

1. Okay so, before applying you should know the general pattern that is used when you write a resume in Australia. As I mentioned earlier, the general resume builder websites rule is that you have to keep the format simple and easy to read as a lot of people are applying for jobs in Australia. Therefore, you have to make it easy for the recruiters to comprehend all your skills. Otherwise, they’ll just put your CV/ resume away without taking a look.

2. There are some minor changes in the pattern of an Australian CV. Start to write a resume with the name and personal address and mention the phone number and the email address afterwards. Don’t mention the date of birth and the age because you are not obliged to do it. Moreover, don’t mention to the employers, the marital status.

3. Keep it simple in the start by writing a small paragraph, which gives a summary about you. Use perfect English and keep in mind that you have to be relevant to the topic (i.e. job).

4. One important point that most of the people miss out is you have to mention the work details, the title of the previous jobs, and dates in the reverse order. This is important because again, it makes easier for the employer to read your resume.

5. Keep in mind that employers are interested in what you can produce for them and the organization. Always remember to include a career goal and be specific. Mention the clarity of goals and try to differentiate between your responsibilities and accomplishments.

6. Lastly, mention the hobbies and interests and list any references when you write a resume (if you already have any).