Need to write a letter to a friend or colleague in English, but you don’t know how to do it? This is normal: the epistolary genre is an art that requires strict adherence to the rules.

It doesn't matter what your letter will be: business, personal or written work for the exam. In this article, you will find everything you need to do it correctly.

Here is a typical structure that you can use in most situations.

To structure your letter, you must include information in the following order:

The name and address of the recipient.
Introductory part.
The main body of the letter.
Courtesy form and signature.
Let's take a look at how to correctly fill in each of the parts of the letter structure.

Recipient's name and address
Nothing complicated here: you just enter the name and then the address of the recipient of the letter. This part is traditionally located on the left side of the page. Further in the same part, the date of sending the letter is indicated.

Greetings in English letters are systematized. Therefore, use common expressions and try to avoid improvisation, especially in formal letters.

Here are some examples of greetings depending on the context of the emails:

1. Letter to a friend or family member

If you are reaching out to a loved one, you can start your letter in English as follows:

Greetings in English

Dear Jane ,

My dear Jane,

My darling Jane,

Calls such as "my dear" or "my dear" are, of course, better used for close people, for example, family members. In other cases, they should be excluded from communication. If you find it difficult to understand how best to use it - you can always contact those people who help write letters in English every day

2. A polite letter to someone you know

If you know the recipient's name, but did not want to call him by his name, the names must be preceded by the honorary title: Mr ./ Mrs . Note, a married woman is Mrs , and a single woman is Miss .

Greetings in English

Dear Mr . Smith ,

Dear Miss Doe,

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

Dear Ms . Martinez ,

3. A polite letter to a stranger

If you do not know the name of the recipient of your letter, you can use the following expressions:

Greetings in English

Dear Sir ,

Dear Sirs,

Dear Madam,

Dear Sir or Madam

Introductory part
After the greeting, the letter in English must include an introductory part. This can be a reference to past correspondence, a news announcement, or a thank you for the letter you received.

Here are some options for different situations.

Thank you for your letter of February 26th.

It was kind of you to write to me.

I am writing to inform you that ...

I am pleased to tell you that ...

I am sorry to inform you that ...

After that, you need to continue the story and describe the situation in two or three paragraphs.

Courtesy form and signature
After the main text, you should also use template expressions, which are traditionally written in English letters. Here are some common examples.

Courtesy form at the end of the letter in English

Best regards,

Warm regards,


I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I look forward to meeting you next Friday.

I am anxious to meet you.

All that remains is to write your name after the comma, and you can send a letter to the recipient.

Maria Jones,
234 Kingstone Avenue,
New York.
22th July 2020
Dear Maria,

I am so happy to have found such a great friend in you. You have stood by my side always, in both my good and bad times. Without you by my side, I would not have achieved all this success and joy. I thank you for being there for me as my best friend.

You have always lent me your shoulder to cry on and have wiped my tears many times. You have always encouraged me to follow my dreams and have stood by my side.

I know that you consider me to be your best friend too and I am grateful for that. I shall definitely srtive to live up to your expectations and be as good a friend to you as you are to me. It is very rare to find a friend like you in these days and I definitely consider myself very lucky to have you.

Warm Regards , Suzan

Now you have all the information for writing letters in English. But if you doubt your abilities and want to understand how best to write a letter or if you want someone to write it for you - ask for essay help .