H11 bulbs: which ones shine better: top 3 best models

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There are now a lot of requirements for transportation devices, especially for their performance and characteristics. The modern market is replenished with new models that have both disadvantages and advantages. Extremely difficult to overestimate the importance of good light, and it is not just a matter of brightness. The lamp should distribute the light correctly and comfortably affect the human eyes.

How not to make a wrong choice and buy a really good device? For the sake of your search, we have made a rating of the TOP 3 brightest h11 halogen bulb for the car.

It is no secret that manufacturers who value their reputation, will not "waste words" and blatantly lie about the characteristics of their product. Let's consider companies that have proven themselves in the market and which should be the primary focus of the purchase:

1. Philips. The company has existed for more than 100 years and is engaged not only in the production of lighting for cars. The lamps of this company are made of quartz glass, which makes them resistant to damage when driving off-road.

2. Osram. Another giant in lighting technology that competes with many well-known brands. It has been on the market for just under 100 years. All lamps meet international quality standards. The lineup also includes non-standard solutions. A large number of European manufacturers choose this company.

3. Koito. Very famous among car owners firm Koito. Many owners give preference to it. Like the previous companies, Koito on the market for over 100 years has been delighting its customers with unique features and consistently high quality. Produce some of the best H11 bulbs.

Top 3 halogen bulbs H11

People tend to want the most common halogen bulbs if they have limited financial resources. And below are three models that everyone is able to buy.

OSRAM H11 55W PGJ19 2 Silverstar 2.0

The third place among halogen lamps is occupied by the German manufacturer Osram with its model Silverstar 2.0. It has a fairly high brightness, optimal for night travel. Good dipped and daylight allows you to see everything clearly: every pothole, every obstacle.

However, they have one unpleasant minus, which is a short service life. This means that the car owner will have to change them quite often, which automatically affects the wallet.

But in general, the model is quite good, and if you do not turn it on too often, the lamps will last you a long time.

Philips Vision H11 3100K

The second place among the conventional halogen car bulbs is the Vision model from Philips, which, as always, surprises with its high quality. This model is a direct competitor to Osram Original. As expected, there are some slack, and it is because of them this model is in second place, not first.

For example, the packaging indicates an improvement of up to thirty percent, but in practice it is not noticeable.

However, such a "puncture" is compensated by a really good light distribution, where the far zone is given more attention than in Osram. And therefore the high beam can be considered as really high beam.

The only serious disadvantage of this model is a weak low beam, because of which you can not see small holes.

And with all this it is impossible not to pay attention to the price. It is not too high for such a good model, and therefore it is worth paying attention to these lamps.

OSRAM Original H11

The best halogen lamp is another model from the German company Osram. It is used by default by many automobile concerns in their cars. This lamp can be seen, for example, in French Renault, in German Mercedes and many others.

The Original H11 model guarantees not only high quality, but also good light, which, according to numerous tests, is better than that of competitors.

Service life is long enough, so you can not worry about their imminent replacement.

The only firm disadvantage of these lamps - they do not illuminate too far, which creates some difficulties when driving at night or in bad weather.

What else in them can be highlighted from the minuses is their price, but for the high quality you can give such an amount.

Source: https://lampsap.com