Do You Know What a Social Work Essays Is?

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Do You Know What a Social Work Essays Is?

High school students are given assignment to write social work essays to make them aware of the social problems and learn the importance of social work for the harmony and well being of the society as a whole. University students and following degree programs in Social work also have to write social work essays and term papers as their coursework. Students have to remember that the social work is a very sensitive area and there are some legal aspects that social workers must be very conversant with. The students writing social work essays have to be aware of these areas as well so that the essays that they write do not contain any ideas that are contrary to the law.

Development of Social work as a Separate Discipline.
Today, social work has developed into a separate professional and academic discipline. There are national and international professional associations of social workers and separate departments of Social work in many Universities offering graduate and postgraduate degree programs. The professional social workers are expected to have a degree in social work and in some cases they have to obtain professional qualifications in social work. In some countries they are required to get a license to practice social work. As there are some controversial issues in social work, students may choose to write on controversial essay topics related to the subject area.

Research Areas in Social Work.

Though social work is organized as a profession and an academic discipline recently, social work was practiced even in ancient civilizations. Most of the old religions encouraged social work, helping poor, disabled and sick people. Modern academic discipline of Social Work studies many areas of social work including the following main areas.
• Clinical social work
• Child sexual abuse
• Child welfare, foster care and adoption
• Human rights
• Women’s rights
• Community organizing
• Drug abuse
• Alcoholism
• Social policy/planning

Social work essays can be written on any topic coming under these subjects.

Good Essay Topics for the Social Work Essay
The selection of an essay topic for a social service essay also can be a difficult task considering the availability of a vast number of subject areas falling under social work. It is made more difficult due to the controversies in some areas. On the other hand, students have a good choice of topics that offer the opportunity to write almost any type of essay. But most of the social work essays are written as persuasive, cause and effect or argumentative essays. Social work essays are expected to offer solutions to problems rather than looking for culprits.

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