Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Coupon Codes to Increase Revenue

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Increasing revenue is one of the most important goals that every online retailer strives to achieve. Coupons, among other things, can help you do that, but before you start using them on your website or online store, you should understand the benefits and drawbacks of offering them to your customers.

According to statistics, approximately 90% of people who shop online use coupons in some way. So, take a look at these five benefits and five drawbacks of using coupon codes such as Pharmeasy coupons, Swiggy promo code to get 10% Off, etc. to drive revenue to see if they are the right business strategy for you right now!


They help you get more customers and get new customers interested in your business

Coupons are frequently the reason why people decide they want to learn more about your company. The most important thing if you want to take your online business to the next level is to build a customer base, and the first step is to offer your visitors something valuable.

Using coupons is another excellent way to entice visitors to try some of your products before purchasing them at full price. You can also increase conversions by creating a sense of urgency with countdown pop-ups for your coupons. It will also be easier for them to decide whether or not to try a product because they will believe they have saved money. Maybe someone didn't intend to buy anything, but when they saw the coupon, they changed their mind.


They assist you in developing an email marketing list and a solid marketing strategy for your company

You can collect valuable data and grow your email list by requiring your customers to leave their name and email address in order to receive a coupon code. Another important business goal is to come up with a good marketing plan and use all of its benefits.

By expanding your email list, you can establish long-term relationships with your customers and remind them of new offers, products, and so on. You can also track the progress of individual marketing campaigns by creating different coupon codes. If you need a way to make it easier for your visitors to subscribe, use certain tools to create subscription forms for your website.

Collecting emails from customers is essential for increasing revenue because it keeps them in touch with you and your company; they receive timely information about new offers and enticing promotions; and so on.


They help you improve your brand image and raise awareness

People constantly talk about a brand's quality and all of the benefits it provides. So, take advantage of this and continue to improve your brand image by offering amazing deals such as 70% off on hotels using Oyo coupons to your customers that will encourage them to tell their friends, colleagues, and others about it.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool, and with the help of a discount, you can capitalise on the opportunity to make your brand known among consumers. Make an enticing offer, place it in the right place on your website, and watch your revenue grow. You also exceed your customers' expectations by providing them with good opportunities that they will not want to pass up.


They assist you in making room for newer products

Running a business is a difficult task, and you must pay attention to the space that your products occupy, both in terms of storage and the opportunities for promotion and, eventually, sale. By using coupon codes, you can get rid of old products quickly so that you can make room for new ones.

Because good organisation is sometimes critical for business growth, you must pay strategic attention to each segment. Some products may be hard to sell for different reasons, but this is an easy problem to solve by offering coupon codes.


They assist you by reminding your existing customers of your store

Coupon codes entice existing customers to visit your website or online store again if they haven't done so in a while. A good marketing strategy can assist you in accomplishing this because you can use your database to send existing customers various coupons via email in order to entice them. If they return, there's a good chance they'll make some new purchases as well.

Don't forget about your existing customer base; they can still help you increase sales, as can new customers; you just need to "wake them up" from time to time.


The disadvantages are as follows:

Some people might say that adding coupon codes has downsides, so think about these and make your own decision.


They cost you money and may result in lower profits for your company

Discounting certain products means selling them at a lower price to your visitors. As a result, your profits may suffer as a result of these deductions from your earnings. There will always be people who would buy a product even without a discount, so incorporating coupons could be detrimental to your online business. 

However, you can influence the outcome and strike a balance by determining which products require discounts and whether they will benefit your business or not. You must discover the best coupon strategy that will bring you more good than bad in the long run.


They have the potential to reduce conversions outside of the sale period

People will be more likely to buy your products if you use coupons all the time, but only during sales and when prices are reduced. This can have a negative impact on your profits, so pay attention and keep your conversions growing at all times.

Waiting for coupons can quickly become a habit for your customers, and you must develop a specific strategy for when and how frequently you will use coupon codes to avoid a negative impact on your business. This is why you must be cautious and plan ahead of time in order to meet your customers' expectations while also preventing them from developing bad habits for your business.


They can have a negative impact on the perceived value of your products

People have a tendency to believe that the more expensive a product is, the better it is in every way. Giving out too many coupon codes may indicate that your product is of poor quality, which can reduce your revenue. You should always put the focus on the quality of your products, and giving out these coupons can make your customers think the opposite.


They may cause your loyal customers to feel alienated

If you only offer coupon codes to a specific segment of your audience, such as first-time customers, it may appear that you are neglecting your loyal customer base. As a result, you must meet the needs of all your customers equally and ensure that no one feels left out. You must provide equal opportunities to both types of customers and treat them as well as you can, so plan and send coupon codes carefully.


This marketing strategy is not long-term

You must remember that there will always be people who will only use coupons and will not return to your website to buy something else at full price. This means that while coupons are a good promotional strategy, they are not as effective in the long run.

As was already said, the best thing to do is to use them, but make sure you have a plan and strategy in place to make sure you don't end up with fewer sales than you thought.


To sum up,

Incorporating coupon codes as a promotional strategy into your business website is certainly something that your visitors will enjoy, but only using them in the right way can actually help your business progress.



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