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What is AI in gambling
The concept of "artificial intelligence" has recently been increasingly found in various areas of modern life related to computer and Internet technologies. What it is and how it can be used in the gambling industry - in a brief review from the Slotegrator company. Thanks for creating that article.
Under the academic term "artificial intelligence" (AI), eng. - Artificial Intelligence (AI), means the process of developing and creating intelligent computer programs. A distinctive feature of such software is the ability to learn and analyze information, as well as perform intellectual and creative tasks.
AI was first used in gambling back in the middle of the last century. American cyberneticist A. Samuel was the first to create a computer program that allowed her to fight with a person in the game of checkers. In the process, the system learned independently, improving its playing skills based on the accumulated experience.
In 1962, this program fought with R. Neely, the strongest checker player of that time in the United States, and won. This was the impetus for the beginning of research and creation of programs with AI.
There are quite a few concepts for creating AI today. They can be roughly divided into two types: the first uses a semiotic approach, and the second a biological one.
In the first case, the programs try to copy human thinking, and in the second, they use natural evolutionary algorithms, due to which they work on the principle of biological neural networks that simulate intellectual activity.
Noticeable progress has now been made in the development and application of programs of the second type. And it is machine learning, which is also called deep machine learning (English - Deep Learning), that is now being successfully used in the field of iGaming.
AI programs are used in the gambling industry to combat gambling addiction, retain loyal gamblers, and for scientific and educational purposes.
Developments currently on the market
Several solutions exist on the market today and are successfully operating. Last year, BtoBet successfully presented its innovative AI platform for online casinos. In a very short time, this software has been successfully tested and has already achieved success in the gambling market around the world.
The main task of the new software platform is to capture the actions of the players and react to them, identifying the potential needs of the user. This is the most important metric for customer retention.
The platform reacts to the behavioral characteristics of players in various environments and systems: in social networks, mobile applications, etc. Thus, it is possible to quickly and efficiently satisfy the requests of even the most capricious visitors of online casinos, thereby providing your online platform with a tangible competitive advantage ...
For cognitive and scientific purposes, AI has been applied in poker. This game has long attracted the attention of various researchers and scientists, which, in turn, contributes to the growth of the popularity of online gambling in general.
Poker is notable for being a game with incomplete information, it contains elements of randomness, and the number of game states is not finite. Texas hold'em (Texas hold'em) is one of the most widespread types of poker, in which there are practically no restrictions.
The first full-fledged program for playing it was launched and tested back in 2015. Several of the world's leading poker players have battled the AI-powered supercomputer Claudico.
The next famous development was AI, created by scientists from the University of Alberta, Charles University and the Czech Technical University. During testing, the DeepStack AI system played 44,852 deals against 33 of the world's strongest professional players - members of the International Poker Federation. During all games, the AI ​​showed a success result of 492 mbb / g (milli-big-blinds per game). Among experienced players, the figure around 100 mbb / g is already considered quite high.
The most effective system today is recognized as the AI ​​system Libratus, created at Carnegie Mellon University. She won a landslide victory in a game against humans, winning a 20-day poker tournament. The Texas Hold'em game was played at a Pennsylvania casino with four of the world's best poker players.
Recently, many states have seriously attended to the problem of gambling addiction. Fearing gambling addiction, legislators are introducing bans on gambling activities, which does not have a very favorable effect on the development of the industry. As recent research shows, AI can be a very effective tool in combating gambling addiction and its consequences.
Therefore, the latest research from City University London is of particular value for the entire gambling industry. According to scientists, they were able to develop a unique system based on AI, which allows you to identify the pathological tendencies of a person to gambling addiction even before they turn into a full-fledged addiction.
To develop this unique gambling platform, the researchers teamed up with BetBuddy, a renowned online casino software developer.
The new version of the BetBuddy platform has become one of the most advanced developments in the gambling industry. It monitors casino gambling and user behavior using AI. To determine the player's behavior model, neural and Bayesian networks are used, as well as a random forest algorithm, which determine and signal when the user reaches a problem level in the game. Thanks to this, online casino operators can make decisions regarding the temporary blocking of accounts of problem players, setting game limits, etc.
Opportunities within platforms
The most interesting opportunities for practical application of AI in gambling today are offered by two developers: BetBuddy and BtoBet.
Today, in a highly competitive environment, the gambling market needs special tools and a smart platform that will help operators to easily and quickly adapt to the needs and expectations of players in all over the world. Over the past year, BtoBet's solution has attracted the attention of numerous operators from different countries. For this reason, we decided to expand our global market coverage. "
Developers from BetBuddy and scientists from City University London say the following about the practical application of AI in their platform: “The innovative system with artificial intelligence presented by us is aimed at early detection of problems in the behavior of players, as well as to detect their potential gambling addiction. It is based solely on mathematical algorithms. Using this platform on the online casino site will help operators track potentially problematic players and improve service to all users. "