7 Alternative Markets To Consider Before Placing Your Footy Bet


Last weekend I showed you some valuable pointers for the Arsenal v Aston Villa match which hopefully gave you some examples on how to profit from the game, and it certainly played out as expected in the first half.

This week I want to show you how Grading teams can be a very powerful for uncovering some great value opportunities that otherwise may go unnoticed.
Verona v Milan

In Serie A this weekend New boys Verona take on the mighty Milan , but is there any value backing Milan? If we look at some general away form for Milan we can see that they have W8 D8 L4. Another words they have around a 40% chance of winning the match, which when looking at the 1.83 (55%) that is currently available from the bookies, doesn’t fill you with much enthusiasm.

Dig deep and you will find….

However it’s only when you dig a little deeper that you can see that in the last 20 games played against bottom half Grade C & Grade D teams, that it’s a very different picture, with Milan W15 D5 L0. In fact you need to go back 3 seasons to find their last defeat away to bottom half teams.

So what are your options to profit from these finding’s. Backing Milan in the 1X2 match odds market @ 1.83 is the obvious choice, however you could look to ramp this price up a little?

One market you could look towards is the Asian handicap where Milan -1 can be backed @2.47 and based on the same 20 games above would have been overcome in 11 games, a push in 4 and lost in just 5, this option certainly increases profits nicely. A slightly less risky approach could be to take the -0.75 line, currently 2.04. This would mean if they only win by the single goal you would win half.

Winning Margin Market?

Another option would be to back Milan to win by a certain number of goals, in the “Winning Margin Market” to win by one is priced at 3.6, and by two 5.25. You can even Dutch these two results which will give you odds around 2.10.

A short priced option is to back Milan to win either half, priced at 1.40. Still offers value and would have lost on just 2/20.

As you can see above when finding a value bet you have several avenue’s to go down and these are just a few.

Milan fight back when going behind

For traders and in-play bettors amongst you, it’s worth noting that in 4/20 games mentioned Milan have conceded first, in all 4 of these matches they have scored the next goal and in 3 they have gone on to win. These snippets of information are invaluable and are easily found using the Beform Pro Tools.