6 Key Features Of Salesforce You Should Know About

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These days, companies are working hard to improve their steps and processes to enhance customer experiences. With the use of technology, they aim to create better interactions and relationships not only with their existing customers but also with their prospects. And to help them achieve this goal, they have the option to use Salesforce.

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management or CRM platform that companies of all sizes can use for their growth and development. It is a tool that provides a central comprehensive platform for various applications and includes software designed for sales, marketing, commerce, and customer service. Examples of its important features and functions include:

  1. Automation

With the welfare of their customers being a top priority, businesses can benefit a lot from adopting Salesforce CRM into their operations. To ensure that everyone is happy and satisfied, Salesforce has features that allow for automated communication for prompt and timely responses to customer questions and other concerns. Whether through email, messenger, or chat, its automation tools support instant communication that prevents delays and long waiting times.

  1. Analytics

To propel the growth of any business, analytics play an important role. By looking at the numbers and data, companies can spot trends, identify what works and what does not, and make business decisions based on available information.

  1. Integration

Using more than one app, program, or software system for business operations is a common practice. Fortunately, integration in Salesforce is possible and lets you integrate other apps and sync data from them. With this integration in Salesforce feature, keeping track of your data is possible wherever you are and whenever you want.

  1. Customer support

Being there to help your customers fix any problem or issue as soon as possible is crucial to retaining them. With Salesforce’s customer service tools, particularly its live chat agent, interacting with your customers becomes easier and more convenient, allowing you to connect to them, listen to their concerns, and offer support and solutions in real time.

  1. Insights

Knowing your customers' needs, expectations, and habits helps businesses figure out ways to serve better. Through the use of Salesforce’s insights tools , companies can collect information about their customers’ preferences, view their purchase history, and access their chat history with the company to gain a better understanding and create and implement strategies accordingly.

  1. Mobility

With how widely used smartphones are these days, having the Salesforce Mobile App can be greatly beneficial to businesses. It lets you create and view meetings, company events, and other schedules. It makes working offline possible anywhere you are. It also allows you to work and collaborate with other team members. With it, you can enjoy a lot more flexibility and perform different tasks and processes without having to be in a physical office and around others.


Salesforce has a long list of features and functions that can take how a company does business to the next level. For more information about it, there are Salesforce partner companies that can help you. With the knowledge and expertise of these Salesforce partner companies, you can better understand what it is all about and help you start your journey to success with Salesforce.